Sunday, September 7

Rainbow Pothole Pattern

I wrote this as a basic pattern, as though it would be knitted in one color, but if you want a rainbow one like mine I'd recommend three lace repeats per color. (Red, orange, yellow, green, dark blue, purple.)
I yet again did not do gauge. Oops! I just eyeballed it and made sure it was smaller than what I'd normally wear, because I want it to fit tightly. The lace is really stretchy (think Saturday Market Bag) so I don't think it'll be a big deal.
This is knit in top-down raglan style.

BasicYou'll need: 2 skeins of worsted weight yarn in any color, size 15 circular needles, size 15 DPNs (optional: you probably only need them if you're making it long-sleeve), and stitch markers

CO 44 st, join in round, pm.

k1 round

1. (k2tog, yo) four times, pm, (k2tog, yo) seven times, pm, (k2tog, yo) four times, pm, (k2tog, yo) seven times, pm.
2. (kf&b, k to 1 before marker, kf&b) to end
3. (yo, k2tog) to end
4. (kf&b, k to 1 before marker, kf&b) to end

Repeat rounds 1-4 twice, except round 1 will just be "(k2tog, yo) to end". Split off sleeves, remove markers

1. (K2tog, yo) to end
2. k to end
3. (yo, k2tog) to end
4. k to end

Repeat rounds 1-4 until desired length. (Try it on as you go!)

K1 round


Short sleeve:
Transfer live stitches from st holder to needles (22 st is what I had I believe), k1 round, BO.

Long sleeve:I haven't personally done the long-sleeve one because I didn't have size 15 DPNs and I didn't want to wait to get them, but I started trying to do them on a short circular needle.
Start the same way, by transferring the live stitches from st holder to needles, and add a st marker.

Work the same rounds 1-4 as for the body, but every sixth round knit as follows:
k2tog, k to last 2 stitches, k2tog.

Work until it's the desired length.

K1 round



Stephanie said...

This is awesome. And I would have done it "the lazy way" too because I'm crazy impatient and want things immediately. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

Mary Sunshine said...

I want to make this! Many thanks.

Sorry for the newby questions, but:

- What does "pm" mean?
- Are size 15 needles 15mm? I am in Canada.

Mary Sunshine said...

Forgot to check "email follow up comments".

This comment here is basically a check mark.

Leah said...

Thanks :)
Mary Sunshine:
1. Pm means 'place stitch marker'
2. I looked it up, and they are actually 10mm :)

Mary Sunshine said...

Thanks, Leah. :-)

Alyssa said...

Lovely garment. I have so much worsted weight yarn leftover from some earlier projects, and this gives me a great idea to experiment with some color.

Jennifer said...

Love this! I am sooo making it!

Helen said...

hey--awesome pattern!
but I'm a bit confused about "split off sleeves". . . could you please clarify?

Leah said...

Put the sleeve stitches on stitch holders :) Then you keep knitting around for the body.

Does that makes sense?

Helen said...

thanks :-)

jinjoo said...

this is so pretty!

anyway, i'm a newbie and i was wondering what size shirt you wear so i can try (emphasis on try) to decide how much bigger i should make mine. (i'm a medium/size 10.)


Leah said...

Well, I usually wear a medium as well! I don't know what size shirt I typically wear but my pants are usually a 6?? The lace stretches a LOT though so I wouldn't worry too much about it!:)
Good luck!:):)

jinjoo said...

okay, thanks! :)

The Airgonaut said...

I was wondering what bind off you used to keep it stretchy. Or what would you recommend. I tried binding off normally which ended terribly

Leah said...

I usually do just k2tog, slip stitches back to needle, repeat! I don't know what the technical term is.. I'm sure you'll understand what I mean though!:) Just do it loosely!

The Airgonaut said...

Ah, that makes sense, I had looked up some stretchy bind offs and was trying that one on the sleeves. Thank you

Lavender said...

Wow, this is so cool! It's inspired me to learn how to knit (I only crochet) so I can make this sexy top! You're a beautiful woman, by the way.

Leah said...

Aww thanks!! Good luck! I could never really get the hang of crochet so I hope you have better luck learning knitting!!:)

VintageGeek said...

It's so cool! I saw it on Ravelry and my eyes bugged out like WOAH. I must make that.

Question though: how many times do you work those first four rows before splitting for the sleeves? When you say "repeat these four rows twice," do you mean "do these four rows two times total," or "do these four rows three times total"?

Leah said...

Three times total:)

Meg said...

So glad I found your pattern! I've been looking for a pattern similar to what you created. This is a great pattern because it is flexible and will allow me to adjust the length - I plan the tank to end about 12" above my knees. Let's see how long it takes me:-) Thank you for posting your design!

Ang said...

This is very nice!

I am a beginner, can you explain to me what's "kf&b" and what's "k to 1 before marker"?


Leah said...

Absolutely! I will brief you that I'm an awful teacher, but I can try to explain it and then you can Google/Youtube it and hopefully the combination will make sense...
kf&b means to knit into the front and the back of the same stitch. It's a method of increasing.
And then k to one before marker just means to knit each stitch until you get to one stitch before the marker.

Does that make sense?
I'm sorry if I'm not being super helpful!!

Ang said...

Thanks a lot!

I understand now.


Susan said...

How many stitches should I be splitting off for each sleeve?

Raen said...

This is really cool! I do have a question, though - is it really tight where the sleeves end? I have a store-bought shirt like this that's one size fits all, but the sleeves don't fit because I work out too much. Is there a way to make this with a relaxed bind off?

Leah H. said...

Susan: I honestly don't remember, and don't have it written down anywhere :/ I'm so sorry!

Raen: It is a tad tight. I haven't experimented with a lot of different bind-offs since, to be honest, I'm terrified I'll ruin a project at the very end!! But you could always just hold the yarn a little more loosely as you bind off?
Sorry I'm not more help!

kpm said...

Can you explain, how many stitches to place on stitch holder for sleves and are they in between stitch markers?

kpm said...

Can you explain, how many stitches to place on stitch holder for sleves and are they in between stitch markers?

Monica said...

I <3 this top and I'm totally gonna knit it for myself!!! Thanks for sharing ur pattern!